Want to know who has visited your Instagram account? At what cost?

Want to know who has visited your Instagram account? At what cost?

Often, many users are looking for a specific way to see who has visited their personal accounts or see what they post in Instagram and here we mean watching content only without interacting with it.

For this, they install many apps that claim accurate information about who viewed the content you post or visited your account, but the fact is that Instagram doesn’t have a clear way to do so, why?

The logical answer is to protect your privacy, because allowing this feature will be the worst way to violate the privacy of users of the application.

So, are third-party applications meeting what they are already promising?

If you do a quick search of your App Store or Google Play store, you’ll find dozens of third-party apps that promise to know who has visited your account in Instagram or check out your posts without interacting with them, but in fact most of these apps are fake and fraudulent.

Alex Head, SecurityScorecard’s Chief R&D Officer, says that any application that claims to do so is “deceptive and illegal” instead “is likely to perform a very simple process by dragging random usernames and creating a different list each time you open the application to see who has visited your account Your personal or read your posts, and in fact the app follows you and actually collects your data to sell it later to data companies to target you with targeted ads.”

However, this does not mean that all applications are deceptive or false, because according to Business Insider, one of the users’ favorite applications for more information about their followers or non-followers is Followmeter, which is available free of charge in Google PlayBook and August Store.

But at the same time, the app doesn’t explicitly tell you who has visited your account or read your posts, and instead provides additional metrics, such as: Who has unfollowed you, who you follow and who doesn’t follow you, and these are the data you can manually check, so it’s likely to be accurate.

But does the Instagram app provide another way to see who has visited your account?
One legitimate way to get clear and reliable information about who has visited your account or read your posts is to convert your Ingram account to a Business Account, an innovative account, or a Creator Account.

You can access clear insights about your account, such as: Overview of how many accounts you’ve seen the content you’ve posted, what accounts you’ve interacted with that content, how many people have saved your individual posts, but you won’t see exactly who visited your account, and at least you can get more information this way.

Instagram stories
Instagram Stories allows you to see who saw your story, where you can tap the icon at the bottom of your story to view a list of people who saw it.

Although there are rumors that this list is displayed in the order of the people who interact with your content more than others, as the most people who have visited your account will be at the top of the list, Julian Gutman, an Instagram official, has denied this, He stated that the priority list “is given to accounts with which you interact often, contrary to what was previously common.”

Finally, there’s no way you can see who has visited your account or read your posts and didn’t interact with them in the Instagram app, which is good for keeping app users private.


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