Trump sacks the director of cyber-Security and the Pennsylvania Court Rejects the lawsuit against election results

Trump sacks the director of cyber-Security and the Pennsylvania Court Rejects the lawsuit against election results

US President Donald Trump dismissed Tuesday the director of the Electronic Security Agency Chris Crabs because of his statements regarding the elections, while the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania refused a lawsuit filed by Trump campaign accusing Philadelphia of violating the state election law.

President Trump exempted the director of the Electronic Security and infrastructure Security Agency, Chris Krebs, saying he made a “very inaccurate” statement on the security of the US elections.

“There were widespread irregularities and fraud, including the vote of the dead, the disallowing of election observers to enter polling sites, a defect in voting machines that changed votes from Trump to Biden, a late vote, and much more,” Trump said in a tweet.

“Therefore, Chris Kribes’s work as director of the Electronic Security and infrastructure Security Agency has been immediately terminated,” he said.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit filed by President Trump’s campaign that Philadelphia violated the state election law in the way it dealt with election observers in one of the vote counting centers.

The three lawyers, representing Trump’s campaign, withdrew from the only remaining lawsuit that filed it against the results of the US elections in Pennsylvania, hours before holding its first session.
The campaign managed to find a local lawyer to represent it in the case in which it demands preventing Pennsylvania from officially believing the election results in the state, which showed Biden’s winning of its 20 votes in the election complex.

The campaign has revised the lawsuit and dismissed the biggest part of the charges, only to accuse Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and the Democratic-weighted Yigini, of allowing voters to amend false statements in the mail ballots, which the campaign considers a discrimination against the Republican electors.

On the other hand, US president-elect Joe Biden declared appointing 9 officials to assume prominent positions in his administration.

The list includes a variety of people who previously worked with Biden or participated in his campaign, the most prominent of whom is his election campaign manager, Jean Omali Dillon, who will be the White House deputy chief of staff.

Biden also chose the former head of the black bloc in Congress, Louisiana deputy, Cedric Richmond, to be the chief advisor and director of the White House Office of Public Affairs.

Biden has also appointed Mike Donilon, his former chief of staff, Steve Ricchetti, and his campaign adviser, Dana Remos, as president’s adviser.

Julie Rodriguez, his campaign deputy director, was also appointed Director of the White House Office for Intergovernmental Affairs.
First Lady Gill Biden’s chief of staff went to Julissa Pantalion, a former Uruguayan ambassador, while Annie Tomasini was the Oval Director.

In a statement, the elected President’s transitional team confirmed that these appointments show commitment to building a diverse administration and has a good experience in governance.

The elected US president received a briefing on national security affairs by former experts and officials in the field of defense, intelligence and diplomacy.

He confirmed during the meeting the necessity of reactivating the American democracy and renewing its leadership on the international level, indicating that he talked with about 13 presidents throughout the world during the last days.

Biden asked the experts who gave him this briefing to brief him on the most prominent challenges facing the United States and how to deal with them.


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