This is the right way to inject the Coronavirus vaccine into the muscle

This is the right way to inject the Coronavirus vaccine into the muscle

What is the correct way to inject a Pfizer-BionTech vaccine against the new corona virus causing COVID-19? Why did an American doctor warn of the danger of giving him a wrong way?

Over the past weeks, we have seen people receiving a Coronavirus vaccine, but New York City neurologist Tom Pates says that while watching the images, he noticed many cases of skin pressure when inserting the needle.

This, as Pets told NBC Miami, could result in injecting the vaccine into the subcutaneous fat layer, rather than muscle injection (in the muscle), where it must be, and if this happens – as Pitt says – the vaccine will not be effective.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine for Corona should be given through a muscle injection in the muscle muscle muscle in the shoulder.

According to the Immunization Action Coalition, vaccines containing aids (a component that promotes counter-response) are generally given in muscle to avoid irritation, stiffness, skin color change, and inflammation if injected into under skin tissue, including most of the disabled vaccines, with few exceptions (E.g. Pneumococcal polycaccharide, which can be given either in the muscle or under the skin, the effectiveness of the vaccine can also be reduced if it is not given in the recommended way.

Inactivated Vaccine is made using molecules of viruses that have been killed, making them unable to infection or reproduce.

Pfizer-Biontech’s vaccine is based on injecting the body with a genetic material known as “our sent rice” or “Messenger RNA,” a molecule that tells our cells what to make. The DNA transformer that controls this mechanism is introduced to make a specific antigen to the Corona virus, a very distinctive tip on its surface, and allows it to stick to human cells to break through it. This fork will then be detected by the immune system that will produce antibodies, and these antibodies will remain for a certain period of time.

We displayed a picture that shows exactly the right way to give the muscle injection, the Pfizer-Bionetech vaccine method as follows:

Muscle injection
1.The skin is loose,  in its normal state

2- the needle is inserted to reach the muscles.

3- Injection occurs.


Subcutaneous injection
This injection is used for other medical conditions, such as medicines that can be given in small quantities (usually less than 1 mL). Insulin and some hormones are administered under the skin. The Pfizer-Biontech vaccine is not part of this type of injection as we have given it, but it is given through a muscle injection.

The method of subcutaneous injection is as follows:

  1. Skin stitching for a thick layer of tissue under the skin.

2- inserting the needle into the retracted skin.

3- Injection occurs.

We confirm that these tips are general and are only for guidance, and that you are correct for any injection you receive from your doctor.
For his part, Dr. Betz sounded the alarm on social media, and published drawings showing the correct methods of injecting the muscular vaccine, under the name (#Donotsqueeeezemyarm).

Dr. Betts warned that  improper vaccination could lead to its ineffectiveness, giving people a false sense of security that they had received vaccination. With millions of doses distributed around the world, even if a small percentage is incorrectly given – as Betz says – the casualty figures will increase rapidly.


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