Tehran warns Washington

Tehran warns Washington

Acting US Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller said that the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier will remain in its position in the US Central Command operations area in the Middle East, on the background of what Washington considered Iranian threats against it.

Miller added that he ordered to stop the routine redeployment of the aircraft carrier because of the Iranian threats against President Donald Trump and other governmental officials, saying that no one should doubt the US determination.

CNN reported last week Pentagon officials as saying that the acting Secretary of Defense decided to withdraw the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier outside the Gulf to reduce tension with Iran, indicating that there are divisions inside the Pentagon regarding the current threat level from Tehran.
New Iranian caution
In return, Iran said it accurately monitors all US moves in the region, and that it warned it clearly against any adventure.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said Serib Zadah said that his country warned Washington that it is responsible for any adventure in the region, and warned the region countries against joining it, as he said.

He added that Tehran does not seek tension in the region, and that it will not hesitate in defending its security strongly.

The Iranian spokesman emphasized that Tehran will not negotiate on its defensive and missile capabilities, and it will develop them according to its defensive needs, according to him.

Hand on trigger
Israeli Minister of Energy Yuval Steinitz said that Israel’s hand on trigger because Iran targets its accusations and searches for pretexts to hit them, according to him.

He added that Iran is under great economic and security pressure, which is a good thing, as he said.

He indicated that the Israeli army is ready to face any Iranian attack that pro-Iran militias may carry out.

The Minister of Energy called for dismantling the whole Iranian nuclear project, not freezing it, in any future agreement.

Israeli security sources said that the political leadership has recently approved military and security operations, carried out by the army on different levels .

Iranian planning
The political sources of Israeli Wala website added that Iran is still planning for a retaliatory attack for killing its nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhri Zadah, despite the high-level military coordination between Israel and the United States in the Middle East.

These sources added that the security services, with their different systems, continue the state of alert and vigilance, in case of any Iranian attack on Israeli targets.

On a related level, Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor in president-elect Joe Biden’s administration, said that the killing of Iranian general Qassem Solaimani did not make America safer.

He added – in an interview with CNN – that Iran is closer today to possessing a nuclear weapon than it was a year ago.

Sullivan also stressed that Iran’s ballistic missile program should be part of negotiations on a nuclear agreement with Tehran, adding that Biden’s administration believes negotiations on the Iranian nuclear file could be held with the participation of regional players on the agreement.



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