Faucci: Covid-19 will be contained by fall 2021

Faucci: Covid-19 will be under control by 2021 fall

Anthony Faucci, the chief infectious disease expert in the United States, said he expected the country to reach a measure of collective immunity or so-called herd immunity through vaccines enough to return “some aspects of normal life” by the fall of 2021, despite the obstacles facing the early stages of the vaccine.

Faucci made these statements during an online discussion of the pandemic with California governor Jaffin Newsom, who declared at the beginning of the discussion that the state observed a new strain faster spread than Corona virus, which appeared in Britain at the beginning. This came one day after the first US case known as the new dynasty was documented in Colorado .

“He was not surprised,” Faucci said, adding that other cases of the new breed were likely to appear all over the country, and that the shifting nature of such viruses was normal.
He said: “This boom seems to make the virus more capable of moving from one person to another”.

However, individuals with previous forms of COVID-19 “seem not to be infected again with this (dynasty)”, which means that any immunity already gained “protects against this particular strain”.

Faucci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases, said he was confident that the imbalances in the vaccine distribution would be overcome.

He said vaccinations are expected to become widely available to the public by April.


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