About us

Abouts us:

Surging news is committed to disseminating breaking news of the world to a wide audience without political agenda or bias.
While aiming to accomplish this task, Surging news attempts to maintain the highest standards of journalistic ethics. It is our conviction that news must be characterized by objectivity and integrity in order to better shape public opinion on issues that matter. to this end, we work within a number of boundaries and values when bringing you the news:

Our values:

  • Accuracy— precisely like mentioned above, Surging news aims at preserving the objective nature of the news in the articles that we publish; making them free of any subtle innuendos or hidden agenda.
  • Integrity — Surging news adheres to the highest ethical standards of journalism, including full attribution to sources.
  • Fact checking — prior to any published article rigorous fact checking is conduct by our editorial team. So as to maintain the accuracy of the information that we provide for our audience.
  • Clarity — Clear separation of analysis from opinion and editorial from advertising content.